Monday, May 30, 2011

Yeah I'm still here...

Last week I called a 'go slow'.  Billy & I were both exhausted from camp, his cold had freshened up considerably, it was rainy, cold & overcast most of the week.  So we took it easy for the week.

Well, Billy did anyway - spending a lot of the week playing his latest obsession, Minecraft. 

I had a problem at a client's site that involved several trips out there to fix.  We had various people wander around the yard to give us quotes on some landscaping we want done (finally getting a driveway after 11 years in the house!, as well as concreting an area out the back) and quotes on solar panels & solar hot water.

Archery this week was outdoors due to our regular indoor venue being unavailable.  It was a gorgeous day and really fun to shoot outdoors for a change.  It was a great incentive to hit the target - otherwise you had to go searching the ground for your arrows!

My eating & exercising were less than stellar this week.  I'm blaming hormones and the cold weather :)  On Saturday I did make it back to defendo for the first time in 3 weeks - and boy are my muscles feeling it today!!

From the 'what was I thinking' files, I signed up to take part in RWA's 50K in 30 days challenge....  Its like NaNoWriMo - except in June, and you get to choose your own word count.  So I'm aiming for 25,000 words in June.  Eeeeekk!  I was going to go for the whole impossible 50K, then realised I'd signed up for another online course already in June, and I have various other work committments which will cut down on the time I have available.  So don't expect to hear from me much during June - I'll be saving my words for my book!  I'm madly plotting out a category romance (Harlequin Mills & Book type).

Oh, and we also had a bit of a Pirates of the Carribean movie-fest  (mmmm, Johnny Depp!!).  Billy & I watched PotC 2 and 3 on DVD, then we all headed off to watch PotC 4 at the cinema.  Too much Captain Jack Sparrow is never enough!

Today we're off to help my niece celebrate her 14th birthday! 


Butterfly said...

Hiya Kez, while the cold and cold weather and hard work don't sound like much fun, the relaxed pace, movies, writing course, writing challenge and the archery photos are inspiring!

As was your announcement of healthy success recently ... sorry I didn't get to reply with supportive cheering and congratulations sooner ... but well done! It's fantastic!

Have a wonderful month in June!!

:) Vanessa

Suji said...

Thank you for posting that photo. Got my JD fix AND caught up with what you've been up to in one fell swoop! :) Good luck for June!

jugglingpaynes said...

Congratulations on the driveway! We've lived here eleven years as well, and I'm still waiting for mine. :o)

Good luck on your 25,000 words. Some day I will be brave enough to do one of these writing marathons!

Peace and Laughter,

Mel said...

have to agree with you re JD - there is something about him in that role that is VERY easy on the eyes :)

Magic and Mayhem said...

Ooh, the writing challenge sounds wonderful! I'm doing my own this month -- writing every day (5 pages minimum) and getting my Magical Childhood book done (hopefully) at last. So far I've made a lot of progress so I'm quite happy.

And yes, there's no such thing as too much Jack Sparrow. :)