Monday, May 23, 2011

Billy's week 22nd May, 2011


Made a shrinkie with a chip packet (ie observed how plastic changes when heat is added!)


Backyard Science, Cyberchase, Behind the News, For the Juniors (Human Body)

Being active:

Dragons martial arts, AFL training, archery

Having Fun:

Exploring Minecraft, Club Penguin, Lego, playing on the Wii

Making paper airplanes, learning knots and first aid at cubs


Cub camp - at the zoo with an animals, birds & conservation theme.  Activities included making a terrarium, leaf prints in plaster and observation of native birds & animals.  He also used my camera to take lots of photos.

On-line learning:

Had a play with this site - completed a grade 5 spelling test with 20/24 correct, and played around with building a roller-coaster.

Completed the Addition 2.0 (2 digit addition with grouping) questions on Khan Academy.


Started writing a play and created a trailer for it..


Selby Snaps by Duncan Ball


Suji said...

You must tell me about that play! :)

mum+dad=akira and linkin and elijah said...

I loved shrinkies when I was a kid.