Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Swimming lessons

I used to take Billy to swimming lessons when he was a toddler and then in preschool.  I think we both suffered through about 3 years before I called a halt.  Let's just say, he's never going to be Ian Thorpe...  He'd had enough by the time we finished and wasn't advancing much.  This was obviously prior to my discovery that kids learn things at their own pace, and nothing you can do will change that :)

I just let things go and decided to see if he'd improve on his own.  However, I don't swim and we don't go to the pool enough for him to get a lot of practice.  So I asked him again this term if he wanted to do lessons and he was very enthusiastic about it.  I ended up paying extra for a 15 min private lesson rather than a 30 min lesson shared with 3 other kids.

The difference has been amazing.  Now that he's older he can comprehend what's being asked, understand the reasons behind it and pays attention.  He also practices what he's learnt after his lesson.  He has come on in leaps and bounds in the 6 or so lessons he's had so far.  And I think its a combination of wanting to learn it and his body finally being ready.

Once again it proves to me that every kid has their own timetable!


Libby said...

Glad to hear that Billy is enjoying his lessons and that things have finally clicked for him. Living as we do in Australia it's so important that kids learn to swim - at least to a reasonable level. Sounds like the private lessons were the way to go.


Butterfly said...

That's terrific to hear!
Also to know the private lessons have been worthwhile.

Elijah is thriving in group lessons now, but has asked for the same. I expect Pete will say we must fill this role ourselves (insert emoticon for "Me? Daily swimming? Yikes!"?) At least I bought myself a wetsuit last week.

karisma said...

I agree, babies learn the concept of kicking to the side of the pool. Technique comes with a bit of understanding.

I am a big fan of swimming lessons. I know kids can and will learn to keep themselves afloat if they have to but the difference of them actually swimming properly can make the difference if they find themselves in trouble. My older girls never had lessons and nearly drowned in the ocean once when they fell off the sand bar and panicked. The strange thing is they could swim but were not confident enough as they never learned properly.

I made sure the rest of them took lessons and they are strong swimmers now. Even just a few lessons to get the technique down pat is great!