Monday, November 15, 2010

Billy's new lego blog

Billy would like to draw your attention to his new Lego challenge blog -  He would love some comments and participants.


billy said...

i love that blog

karisma said...

Great idea Billy! I am trying to convince Zak to join in...right after we find the floor in his room! :-)

Butterfly said...

Elijah is interested but I must warn you, not quick to follow through when it comes to reality (we both struggle with keeping our heads out of the clouds!) We both think Billy's idea is superb.

If I can manage to snap a picture at the right moment, before a good model morphs into something unrelated, I will be sure to post it on Billy's blog.

P.S. I clicked on Billy's profile ... boy has he started a lot of blogs!

Korina said...

Wish we owned some lego as it looks like fun... I actually can't believe we don't have any lego, will have to see about changing that!