Sunday, November 28, 2010

Summer in Australia

You know its almost summer in Australia when it's 27 degrees C, the cricket's on the TV - and you're putting the Xmas tree up :)


Tracy's corner said...

Seems odd to me! I relate the hoildays to cold weather and snow!

karisma said...

Well, it seems someone has turned the sun off dear! Cold and windy at our house today! Crazy weather! LOL!

Hmmm maybe I should stop being a Scrooge and put the tree up...I am getting slacker every year. Late up-early down. I am trying very hard to take an interest for the kids sake.

Risa said...

I'm fascinated by the idea of doing Xmas in AU / NZ one year in the heat. One of my friends in Calgary grew up in AU and remembers Xmas BBQs on the beach. So strange to those of us in skiing and sledding country. :-)