Saturday, November 27, 2010

Social butterflies

We've been social butterflies today.

We had an early Xmas party for a few friends at our place.  It was nice and relaxing and good to catch up with lots of time to chat!

No, I have no idea why Santa has no pants on!
Then Billy had an after cast party with his Wind in the Willows cast.  Under 15s needed a parent along for the ride, so I stayed inside and chatted to the other parents while Billy socialised with his 'tribe' :)


Suji said...

Santa's looking stuffed! LOL. Sounds like great fun. Wish we could have watched the WitW show. Take care!

Cherry Miknova said...

lol Santa seems to be without pant... lol. what a show...

Cherry Miknova

karisma said...

Sounds like a fun day! I love that Santa! Obviously it has been far to hot for pants lately!