Thursday, November 04, 2010

Billy's latest hobby..

Billy's been noticing the "special" coins lately and claiming them for his own.  So when I found this collection book for sale the other day, I grabbed it.  As well as space for all of the commemorative coins, it also comes with a booklet briefly explaining the significance of each of the coins to collect.  He's found about 15 so far, 44 to go :)


Out Back said...

Oh I bet hubby has most of these, he has collected them for years. I like the way they are displayed, better than thrown in a tin like ours are lol!

Good luck to Billy, I hope he manages to find them all for his collection. It is a great idea.

jugglingpaynes said...

Try finding three of each coin because all of your kids are collecting the commemorative coins at once! That was what happened to us with the state quarters. I never did find all of the US territories.

I hope Billy manages to fill his coin book. Numismatics is a fun hobby!

Peace and Laughter,

FairyLover said...

Good luck in finding all your coins Billy. I have been collecting the state quarters, but I am still missing a couple.