Sunday, November 21, 2010

No prizes for guessing..

where we went this weekend...

We went down to Sydney on a child-free weekend to see a couple of plays - Uncle Vanya at the Sydney Theatre Company (just look at that impressive cast!) and Twelfth Night at the Opera House.  Both were completely different, but equally brilliant.

It was a very timely break - I've been very stressed lately with the amount of stuff I've got on.  I was in tears on Thursday with everything getting me down.  I really needed the break.

We also visited the best Sci-Fi / Fantasy bookshop in the country!


Butterfly said...

Those photos are stunning! And the plays and bookshop seem like the perfect antidote to stress, hope you're feeling recharged now. Have a great week :)

Libby said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend - you certainly had great weather for it. Looks like the cruise ship in the harbour might have been the one we went on last year - we actually set off a year ago on Saturday. Glad you had a nice time and hope you are feeling much less stressed and overwhelmed.


karisma said...

How lovely, sounds like a perfect way to have some time out. I hope you are going to slow down a bit now?

Kez said...

Thanks Vanessa!

Libby - I can't remember the name of the cruise ship but it was HUGE!

Karisma - I'll get to slow down soon :) Early Xmas party at our house this weekend for some friends, so have to try and tidy the yard, and work out what we're serving people!

Risa said...

Ooh! That sci-fi shop looks right up our alley. How fun! And so glad you got a much-needed recharging break!