Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To do list - Tue 14th

I have so much to do that I'm paralyzed and can't do any of it. I'm feeling very overwhelmed atm - I feel like there are hands surrounding me and they're all grabbing pieces of me until there is none left. House looks disgusting, work piling up, can't even think about the garden, child constantly arguing with everything I say, and I can't make myself do anything.

Thought I'd try some public accountability.

Before we go out this afternoon I need to:
  • get books together for library
  • get B to tidy his stuff in the loungeroom
  • clean kitchen
  • tidy hallway
  • have lunch
  • ring nephew for his b'day
  • put garbages out
  • change reports for NBS and send back to them

Bugger - just realised it's the 14th & I should be doing A Day in my life..

ETA - I got everything done except for tidying the hallway. Am feeling a lot better tonight.


Anonymous said...

Oh hun, we all have those days. The best thing you can do is sit down somewhere quiet on your own while Billy is amused and gather your thoughts. I seem to have more days of late when things overwhelm me - although I am told that I have serious nesting issues - so that is my excuse :-) I dont know if you find it too but sometimes there doesnt seem to be enough time in the day ?? Anyhow my solution and it may or may not work for you is to do what I said -take a few moments for yourself, maybe create a list with no firm dates for stuff you want to do around the house etc (just tentative) but pencil in committments as soon as you know about them into a diary. This is the only way that I can keep myself semi organized. Thinking about you xx Linda

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say too that I beleive that you are the sort of person that gives of yourself to others without expecting anything in return - I too am that sort of person. If it comes to a point where you feel as though you have nothing left to give it may be time to start saying no to some of the people that you feel are doing the taking from you. It is really important that you do this - it is a form of self-care and something that I am slowly learning as well. Dont look at saying no to the people and activities that drain you being a negative thing, think of it as saying yes to yourself. Ok I'm over sounding like your mother now ((hugs)).

Kez said...

Thanks Linda. I'm feeling much better tonight - it was building for a week or so and just all crashed down on me this morning. A good howling cry helped a bit, but my chiro visit did absolute wonders!

Feel free to sound like my mum - mine's away travelling atm so I could do with one :) Good advice - in fact in the last few weeks I've stopped or stepped back from a couple of commitments. It's work that's got me so stressed atm - I need to find a better way of managing it but I'm unsure what that should be.. Oh and a child who persists in answering every directive with "why" or "why not"! Arrrgghh lol!