Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our week of Learning - 19 Oct

Billy's Cafe bag design - cookie, teapot & cafe sign

School term started back this week, so all of our external activities commenced again. I knew this week would be fairly exhausting so we throttled back on formal schoolwork.

Lots of smaller books read - both him reading & us reading to him - and Pete & Billy are still reading The Hobbit together.

Visit to both local libraries.

Maths: Leap into Maths Yr 1 workbook - Unit 11. We did weighing using kitchen scales & a balance that he borrowed from the library. He paid for his own purchase at the pool canteen.

Science & Technology: Nothing formal. Watched Animal Planet a couple of times and is reading a fair bit about dinosaurs atm.

HSIE (Human Society and it's environment): Nothing formal. He set up a 'coffee shop' to sell bottled water & choc-chip biscuits - made his own menus (and laminated them!), receipts,and bags with his design on them.

Creative & Practical Arts:
Back to drama lessons. Visit to the small art gallery above the library.

PDHPE (Personal Development, Health & Physical Education):
Back to swimming lessons, plus swimming with friends. Lots of running around at our homeschool meeting (him, not me!).


I'm going to try rearranging our schedule this week and see if it works. I'm struggling fitting paid work in - I do it at night after Billy has gone to bed, but that's about my most unproductive time in the day. It's hard to be motivated at that hour... So I'm going to try and do an hour's work in the morning - after I have a shower, and before we start school work. I'll send Billy outside to play and run around for an hour - hopefully I can get an hour uninterrupted - although I'm not counting on it! Surely a 6 year old can amuse himself for an hour??! Surely??!

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