Sunday, October 12, 2008

Attack of the pantry moths!

I spent the better part of today cleaning out the pantry. It's a fun life I tell you! We were invaded by pantry moths so I had to take everything out, transfer everything from plastic bags or cardboard packaging into glass or plastic containers, wipe all of the shelves and put everything back in..

I had to invest in some more plastic containers through the week as a lack of sufficient containers was the reason the stuff was just stuffed in there in the first place.

It was a job well & truly overdue - and boy, was it a big job! While I was doing it I decided to label my jars, rearrange a few of the shelves to be easier to use, and re-home some of the stuff that was in there. I had to throw out some out-of-date stuff, and a few things the moths had got into, some empty packets (?) and clean up a few messy containers. I'm still perplexed as to why there was plastic mug filled with rocks in there though!!

I was quite pleased with how the spice 'corner' worked out - I made a few 'steps' out of different size boxes so that I could see what I had a lot easier.

So that was my fun Sunday - how was yours?


Anonymous said...

So that was my fun Sunday - how was yours?

Deplorable, actually.

Lightening said...

Ugh - sounds like fun. Hopefully you've got them and they don't come back. Horrible things. I haven't had trouble since I started keeping a few dried bay leaves in my cupboards (mind you, I also have newer cupboards which may help???)

greenfumb said...

I spotted one late this afternoon so I guess next weekend I will have to do that job too. I put little traps in there but I think often they actually come in the packets of rice, flour etc.

Looks good anyway and it's very satisfying isn't it.

Lis said...

I've been fortunate so far ands only found a few trying to breed in one of my tupperware containers - in with the popping corn. I had a friend who had to throw out 3/4 of her pantry as they got into evrything, including all the plastic container - except the tupperware. I have been freezing all my flour now for at least 48 hrs when I bring it home as I heard this prevents them hatching!
Hope this helps someone else!
I had a quiet weekend getting the children ready for their return to school tomorrow :)

piscesgrrl said...

Ugh, I had to do that once, too. Found larva all over. EW! But once you get it in good order, it's easier to maintain.

Once, I spilled a jar of honey on the top shelf and it dribbled down through the wire-rack shelving onto all the shelves below. I just looked around and asked, "So... who's going to clean this up for me?"

Show of hands? 0

Julie said...

Blergh, those flipping pantry moths are the bane of my life. It only takes one little packet of something that DH shoves in the pantry without me knowing and Bam! They're everywhere again! I wouldn't know how much I've spent on storage containers over the past year! Nice to have it all done though :-)

Cheers, Julie

belinda said...

Nice Work,

It all looks so pretty... and organised.

My Sunday was pretty good.. sowed my second round of summer crop seed.

Kind Regards