Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to be consistent?

I know life would be much easier and I would be so much more productive - if only I were more consistent..

If only I was more consistent with picking up after myself, then the house wouldn't get into such a state (and maybe Billy could learn to pick up after himself too..)

If only I were more consistent with my parenting rules, then I mightn't have to deal with as much arguing and manipulation..

If only I were more consistent about writing down what I spend, then I'd stop wasting as much money...

If only I were more consistent about using up the leftovers, then I wouldn't waste as much food...

If only I were more consistent about doing exercise and / or yoga, then I wouldn't be as stressed..

You get the idea!

I know it works - but I get all gung-ho on something and go great guns for a couple of weeks, only to have it all fall away again. Especially when I get busy.

So tell me - what are your tips for staying consistent? How do you stick to a new habit? Help!!!

In the meantime, I'm dusting off an old blog that a friend and I used to use to keep each other on track (want to join in again HRH?) - - feel free to come on over and give me some motivation!


Helen said...

Hi there,
I was drawn to your question about how to be consistent as I believe in Consistent Parenting so much that I've written a whole website about it. At present I'm just completing an ebook which outlines the key ideas behind being consistent and I am using your question to keep me on task!
All the best, Helen

Anonymous said...

Dear God, someone please share cause I need some consistency for my sanity at the moment :-P

Gill - That British Woman said...

Mine problem is not consistency its motivation.......

Great post,

Gill in Canada

Kez said...

Hi there Helen - your website looks good, I'll have a good read soon. Good luck with your ebook.

MM - I seem to be consistently insane - does that count?! ;p

Gill - yeah it all ties in together, doesn't it.. Good luck with finding some motivation..

Leanne said...

Thanks for saying hi at our blog. Nice to meet you.
When wanting a new habit I just work on one at a time. - BUT I am not perfect I get side tracked often giggle.

Love Leanne