Thursday, October 09, 2008

Print-making workshop

Billy took part in a print-making workshop today with local artist Bernie Meyers (who is also a homeschooling mum). I was expecting they'd make prints in a typical kid's way - slap some paint on a leaf and press it down onto paper, but this was full-on with an etching press!

What a fantastic experience for them - they weren't treated as kids, but rather as people who could be trusted using proper (expensive) equipment! To be honest, I'd never even seen an etching press before, let alone used one - I now have a new appreciation for the work (and patience!) involved in making prints!

They were using leaves for their prints, so firstly they had to come up with a design, then ink each individual leaf with the roller. They put their design back together on the press, put the paper on top, the myriad of blankets and protection on top of that, and then turned the wheel on the press. Uncover it all to discover the unique print they'd made!


The Tin House said...

Wow - that looks totally amazing. My friend Lis had an etching press and made me a gorgeous print of one of her artworks but I never got to see it in action. you still want to be on my list for the pay it forward idea? I'm not sure if the no response from you is a hesitation or reluctance to be in it...or just an email hitch.

I've been putting together a few things for you and I'd be so thrilled to be able to post them...but I need an address. If you don't want to provide a home address, I can post it to the local shop/post office etc marked for collection.

Let me know what you'd like to do.

Lisa x

The Tin House said...

oh - my email is:

fitzgeraldsmt at bigpond dot com

ta x