Monday, March 07, 2011

This week

This week has been spent in a variety of ways..

On-line learning:

Earnt a Mathletics certificate (Maths)
Spent time on the trial of Skwirk (cross-curriculum)


Pencil of Doom by Andy Griffiths (English)
Escape from Alcatraz - The Dummy Head Breakout
Scientriffic magazine 

Working on:

Badges for cubs - science, collectors, and IT level 2 (Science & Technology, HSIE)


Plaster casts of leaves (Science)


Anzac biscuits, helped with meal prep (Life skills)
Making sherbet

Participating in:

District cub scout swimming night, archery (PDHPE)

Drama class (Creative arts)

Clean  Up Australia Day (HSIE)


Numbers Count, Cyberchase (Maths)
Behind the News (HSIE)
Scope, Backyard science, Science Clips (Science)
Hawking (BBC movie) (Science)

Playing with:

Lots of  Lego play
Wii Fit & Sports (PDHPE)

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karisma said...

Sounds like an awesome week to me! Those cookies look yummy! Can I have one please? Im hungry! Hugs xoxox