Sunday, March 27, 2011

Billy's week 27th March, 2011

It was a good balance this week - quite a social week, but we still achieved lots of learning activities


Addition 1, Subtraction 1 and Subtraction 2 reviews using the Khan Academy  (Maths)
Spellodrome (English)


Star Reporter (Club Penguin)
George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt by Lucy & Stephen Hawking


Several short stories  (very short in some cases!)  (English)


A red cabbage acid / base indicator and testing various substances (Science)

Print-making at art (Creative Arts)

Making and flying kites at cubs


Help with dinner
Jelly slice


Archery, AFL Training

Drama (Creative Arts)


Having friends over to play

A family dinner with his Pop, Great-Aunt, aunts, uncles & cousins (on Pete's side)

Fort Scratchley & the Newcastle Maritime Museum with his aunt and cousin (my side)

The really cute thing is that I have a photo almost identical to this from 2 years ago - standing on tiptoes to look in - gee he's grown!


Backyard Science (Science)
Numbers Count, Cyberchase (Maths)
Being Me (PDHPE)
Music Moves (Creative Arts)
My Place (HSIE)
Mythbusters Season 1, Episode 8

Playing with:

Wii Fit & Sports (PDHPE)
Various websites like Club Penguin & Webkinz

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karisma said...

A very creative and productive week! I had to laugh as I was scrolling down and thinking MY how that boy has grown and then you mentioned it yourself. Tell him to slow down, they grow way too fast. :-(