Monday, March 21, 2011

Our house smells like boiled cabbage..

The things we do in the name of homeschooling!  When we were doing the grocery shopping last time, Billy wanted to buy a red cabbage to do acid / base testing.

What you need to do:

First, cut up the cabbage

Then boil it for 10-15 minutes

Strain into a glass container and cool.  This is the indicator.

Prepare your test items - Billy had water, lime juice, lemon juice, jelly crystals, apple juice, brown vinegar, white vinegar, bicarb, milk & coke.

Add the indicator to each.

If it stays purple, its neutral pH, red / orange is acidic

and green is base / alkali.

Then while we had the milk & vinegar out, we added vinegar to a glass of milk to make curds and whey..

Ah, kitchen science - so much fun!


karisma said...

Cool! A lovely change from "blowing things up" which is what my two are always keen to do. Found a lighter in Zaks draw last week which he insists he did nothing with. His sister informed me that actually, he and his friend were making sparkler bombs and she busted them because she could smell the burning when she came home. They had already hidden the lighter but she confiscated the rest of their loot. Lucky I still have a house I suppose.

Butterfly said...

Hooray for fun, smelly science experiments. Did Billy get the results he expected?