Sunday, March 27, 2011

I had a night with Tim Minchin

.. we weren't alone though - another 2000+ people and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra were there too!

Pete & I caught the train down to Sydney on Saturday for the weekend.  We'd booked a 'mystery deal' hotel in the CBD - which turned out to be the 5 star Radisson Plaza.  Very nice...

We relaxed in the hotel room for the afternoon - Pete had a nap to catch up on some of the sleep he's missing due to working ridiculous hours lately, I read my book.  Then we headed out to find somewhere for dinner.

Not far from our hotel was the Bavarian Bier Cafe - it was just opening for dinner so we headed in.  The meals we had were yummy - wiener schnitzel with sauteed potato, followed by apple strudel (for me) and lemon tart (for Pete).

Then a meander down to the Opera House for the concert.  We were a bit early so we went out on the deck to see the view.  It was fascinating to see the 'sails' up close..

I knew Libby was going to the concert too, and while we said we'd keep an eye out for each other, I really didn't expect to see her.  After all, there were 2000+ people there.  So I was quite surprised as we stood waiting for our door to be opened, to look around and spot her and Kevin.  Not only were we going in the same door, we were about 6 seats apart in the row in front!  Libby has some cool photos of the concert, so check them out.  It was incredible.  We've seen him perform before but it was so cool with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra backing him.

As usual, he was so funny.  Unfortunately he didn't play my all time favourite Tim Minchin song (Canvas Bags):

but his final encore was my second favourite 'White Wine in the Sun'.

He played a good mix of old and new.

It was 11pm by the time it finished - late for me!  Luckily we had an 11am checkout this morning, so we could have a sleep-in.  Bliss!

We caught the train back to Newcastle - the car was still parked where we left it (yay!) - and headed to my mum and dad's to pick Billy up.

It was only a short break but very appreciated.

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Libby said...

Was so funny running into you :-). Glad you enjoyed your little getaway. What is it with men and afternoon naps? :-)
Canvas Bags was the very first Tim Minchin song I heard - loved the video clip - and had no idea which was the real Tim Minchin :-)