Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Finally some photos of what we've been up to - well Billy really. I've been sitting back reading my book as much as possible, and Pete has been working on the computer and playing computer games.

When the weather's been fine, there's been lots of:



more fishing

putting on a magic show

and when the weather was not so good, lots of this...


Out Back said...

Sounds nice Kez.


libby said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday to me. Lots of rest and relaxation.


Suji said...

Fun, fun, fun! I'm so happy for you that you have this time to kick back and relax! Happy New Year you guys!

Amy said...

Sounds like a perfectly relaxing time for one and all. Glad you are enjoying it.
Happy New Year!

karisma said...

Sounds a bit like our week! Except we did not get a magic show! Lucky you! Oh and last night we splurged and went swimming in the ocean in a thunder storm! (Please don't tell my mum! LOL) It was fantastic!!!

Happy New Year, may your lives be filled with happiness, peace and harmony! Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox