Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A feast for the senses

  • the sound of the birds - chirping, carolling, calling to each other
  • the 'thwack-thwack' of people walking by in thongs (*), the crunch of their shoes on the gravel, the squelch of wet feet in crocs
  • the clang of the toilet door shutting a thousand times each day
  • the constant drone of cicadas
  • the sounds of kids playing - squeals, calls, laughter interspersed with the odd toddler tantrum and sibling squabble
  • the feel of the breeze and the sun on my face
  • the sound of the milko in the morning with his 'cow horn' and the seafood man later in the day 'fresh prawns, fresh prawns, other seafood available'
  • the click of bike tyres and the harder sound of the scooters, skateboards and rip-sticks
  • sounds of an impromptu cricket match or footy match or game of catch
  • the smell of bacon in the morning and steak, onion and sausages at night
  • the greetings 'morning' as people pass each other and the inevitable small talk about the weather or the cricket
  • happy sounds. holiday sounds.

* thongs - flip-flops, footwear, not the underwear kind :)


libby said...

"Sounds" lovely Kerrie :-)


karisma said...

Shhhhh! You just described our place! Sounds like that all the time around here. DH keeps telling me we don't need a holiday, but you know a change of scenery would be nice! :-)

All I can here right now are the birds singing their morning song..oh and the dog just coughed LOL!

Five Bears A-Blogging said...

Great pix! Looks like a great holiday :) - Mo