Thursday, January 07, 2010

Almost time for home...

1 more day to go before we pack up and head home. We've had gorgeous weather this week, so there's been the opportunity for some:

swimming at the beach,

bushwalking in the Dorrigo National Park (Dangar Falls),

and some time on the biscuit & toboggan behind Uncle Linc's boat.

We also took a trip to Coffs Harbour to the Big Banana but it's a huge disappointment now. There used to be a train ride around the plantation while they showed you how they grew & harvested the bananas. That no longer exists - and they have very little of the banana plantation left either. It all seems to be a big tourist trap for the purposes of cashing in on the Big Banana name and getting kids in to the waterslides, toboggans and ice-skating rink that are on the premises. Very sad :(

We did however watch them make some awesome 'rock' lollies at the Lolly shop on-site! And then treated ourselves to a very nice lunch at a seafood cafe on the river at Urunga.


Butterfly said...

Mmmm, the lolly demo! That's a fun experience, feeds the artist within. The bodyboarding looks cool too!

The Coffs Coast and Dorrigo area are one of our favourite parts of Australia, you're making me realise it's time for another trip!

Safe travels, see you soon.

Out Back said...

Looks like the weather has been nice to you.

Lovely photos.

Take care,


Stuff On My Blog said...

looks like a perfect spot for a holiday! Gorgeous pics :)

Suji said...

Awesome photos! You should be back already I guess :)

Magic and Mayhem said...

Oh it looks heavenly. Big sighs!!!!!!!!! :) Sad to hear about the banana changes. I hate it when places change like that.

mum+dad=akira and linkin and elijah said...

I grew up across the river from that cafe in Urunga!!

The lolly demo is great isn't it!!