Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Xmas to all - and to all a good night!

We've spent the day making shortbread, gingerbread men & fruitcake. Well, apart from a quick unexpected trip down to Newcastle to pick up my new glasses.. (So unexpected that I now have to clean up the kitchen tonight from the aforementioned baking..)

We've opened presents from family & friends that were under the tree (thanks H - love the calendar and the t-shirt fits perfectly - will send a photo when I take one!). "Twas the night before Xmas" has been read as we do every year, the snack is out for Santa (gingerbread & beer with water & a carrot for the reindeers), the sacks are laid out under the tree and one very excited boy has finally been put to bed. I'd say sleep is still some time off yet though!

To all my blogging friends, have a very merry Xmas. I hope Santa is good to you!

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