Friday, December 26, 2008

Early tomorrow morning..

we're leaving on our holiday. Yes we're off again! I spent today packing the van - I'm totally exhausted because it's been really hot. I think I'll have a relaxing bath tonight with some of the bubbles that Santa brought me!!

We're heading north to Stuart's Point on the NSW mid-north coast. This is our 5th year (I think) of going up there - the caravan park is lovely and very friendly, it's on the river inlet which is nice & calm for kids to swim in, and as an added bonus we go up with family.

I will hopefully have some sporadic internet access so may do the occasional post, and twitter. If not, I'll post when I get back!

If you're travelling as well, travel safely.


libby said...

Have fun. We're not going away until the 17th when we go to Nelson's Bay. How far are you from Nelson's Bay? I'd love to meet you (and Billy) but we always seem to be on the way somewhere when in your neck of the woods.


Kin said...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday :)

We just got back from ours. And Merry Christmas.