Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas crafts for kids

Here are some things Billy has been making over the last couple of weeks.

Potato print Christmas cards

Take one old motley potato and cut in half.

Cut a design in the potato half (ok, so my potato carving skills leave a lot to be desired lol).

Cover raised part with paint and stamp onto cardboard.

Voila - homemade Xmas cards! Billy used these to give to his friends and teachers.

CD Case Photo Frames

A nice simple craft that's a great gift for grandparents etc.

Take an unwanted CD case and take all of the paper & plastic inserts out of it so that you're just left with the outside.

With the hinged part to the top, stick a photo to the inside (I used double-sided tape), and then go mad decorating it.

The frame will stand up by opening the case a little bit. I also added a piece of cardboard behind the photo so that the light didn't shine through.

Billy also got me to teach him how to hand sew (not that I'm an expert!) - and here he is making me a pincushion. I haven't seen the final result yet - it's wrapped up under the Xmas tree!


The Tin House said...

Would that be him making you a pincushion whilst wearing bandanna pants?

Isn't it great he's wanting to sew by himself!

Love the cd case photo idea. We could do that here.

Lisa x

Kez said...

lol, it would indeed :)

It's amazing how keen he is to sew when I am - or knit when I am - or cook when I am lol.