Monday, July 28, 2008

We sold our van!!!

Our van has now driven out of our driveway for the last time!!!

Back in February we bought a new A-van and put our old slide-on camper up for sale. Finally, it has sold! Not without dramas though - we have had lots of people look at it but it obviously wasn't what they wanted. On Wednesday a man came out to look at it, took some measurements, and made us an offer - which we accepted (gladly lol). He left a deposit and we organised for him to come on Sunday to pick it up. He came - we got it almost on, only to find that a post on his rollbar was in the way! We took it back off and he promised to do some modifications and come back today.

Another sleepless night hoping that he would indeed come back - and he did! A bit of hassle getting it chained on since his ute was different to ours - but finally I had the cash, he had the keys and we were all happy!

And in a fitting finale, it was raining as we put it on and chained it up..

So that is a big weight off my mind, we can now pay out the loan we took to buy our new van, and ease a bit of stress in how much I have to earn each month.


lightening said...

Your heading gave me a heart attack. I was thinking "what, the one they just bought? What's going on?" :) Thought you were going to abandon me in the world of "van owners".

Glad to hear the old has gone and can help pay for the new. :)

Kez said...

lol, no way would that happen Jodi. We might actually be able to afford to go away somewhere now though!!