Monday, July 07, 2008

Menu Plan - 7th July

Extreme $21 challenge update
I stretched my $26 to buy:
* 1 whole chicken - $5.66 - I was hoping for a few more marked down, but that was the only one, so I only got 1.
* 3L milk - $3.19
* Butter (500g) - $2.18
* Butter (250g) - $1.15
* 1kg tasty cheese - $6.29
* 600ml cream - $2.04
* Yeast (280g) - $3.75
* home brand scotch finger biscuits - $1.18 (a treat for the boy who was helping me)
TOTAL - $25.44

I forgot about the 1kg of beetroot I also have so can add that into the veges on hand. Also a pear that looks like it's been carried to & from work a couple of times, a couple of bananas turning spotty and 2 passionfruit. There's also bacon in the freezer.

Notes on last week's menu:
The chicken did extremely well - dinner, fried rice, a couple of lunches, chicken & spaghetti bake, and then I made chicken stock with the carcass & used the stock to make a wonderful creamy chicken & potato soup with the little bits of chicken I picked off the rest of the carcass. (Well I thought it was wonderful anyway!)

The maple glazed sausages were ok but nothing spectacular. Same with the chicken & spaghetti bake. Lasagna with homemade pasta was a bit overcooked but still very nice.

To use up this week:

Menu Plan this fortnight:

I've been going through the destitute gourmet books I got for Mother's Day so if anyone has the books they might see a lot of familiar recipes!

Monday - frankfurt bake
Tuesday - not home
Wednesday - not home
Thursday - frittata with beetroot & orange salad
Friday - plymouth pie, mashed potatoes & vages
Saturday - wraps with thai beef salad
Sunday - roast chicken & veges

Monday - chili con carne & rice
Tuesday - chicken pie with herby cobbler topping
Wednesday - Sambal stiry fry
Thursday - homemade fettucine & bacon & tomato pasta sauce
Friday - braised beef with herby dumplings
Saturday - Bacon quiche & salad
Sunday - leftovers if there are any, otherwise there is still 1 lot of mince

Breakfasts will be as normal - toast, 'dippy egg' (poached egg with toast soldiers), porridge or cereal (generic 'weetbix' or 'rice bubbles')

Lunches will be leftovers, soup (heaps in the freezer) or cheese sandwiches for Billy & I, chicken or sausages and salad, or soup for Pete.

For more menu plan ideas, see Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.

Eating from the garden:
* various herbs

Planting this week:
* pot out the almond tree
* do some more weeding & plant more herbal groundcovers

See my "Quick Updates" over on the side to see what I've been up to in the garden lately.


Jayne said...

You've done well, good on you ;)
There's a good dessert recipe floating around the net (you'll have to Google it) with pear slices baked in ginger and golden syrup - VERY yummy ;)

Kez said...

Thanks - will have to Google it, that sounds very yummy! Not tonight though - I used the pear & a couple of apples (that had been half-eaten and put in the fridge) in a crumble. Mmmmm!

fmll said...

You're a marvel Kez! I'll be using your blog for inspiration.

EC said...

Good grief! I have GOT to come here BEFORE I go to the grocery store!! Amazing!