Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bits and pieces

You know you've gotten carried away with the seed catalogues when they arrive and *that's* when you think "uh oh, where am I going to plant them all??!"


I started clearing the back vege patch this afternoon in preparation for planting my seed potatoes that arrived a couple of days ago. The cheeky magpies were having a wonderful time sitting right next to me grabbing the bugs I uncovered - I threw quite a few big fat cutworms (or similar) to them which they were most grateful for!


This is what you find when you miss harvesting all of your potatoes a couple of seasons ago!! I think there's about 1.5kg there. I love "free" food!


In other exciting news, I met Crazy Mumma today! It was only briefly but I think we both felt like we already knew each other. She very kindly gave me a yacon tuber and rhizome - the yacon tastes so sweet raw, and met with approval here - it was declared "my favourite vegetable ever - can you grow some of those please Mummy?!". It reminded me of a nashi pear or of an old style 'china pear' that we used to get from my uncle's family farm. We ate half raw and cooked the rest up as part of a mixed fruit crumble. In the crumble it kept it's crunch which was unusual but nice!


Updating my 'no supermarkets for 4 weeks' challenge, all I've bought this week was meat (from the local butcher), bread (from the local baker & our local independent servo, made by a local bakery).

I may need to buy some fruit this week but will see how we go.


Jayne said...

Love the spuds!
Well done and good luck on the challenge ;)

lightening said...

Free food rocks!!!

And you sure do look like you have a pile of seeds there!!! :)

Crazy Mumma said...

ROFL, that's what I thought when all mine turned up! Whoops ;-) Glad Billy like the yacon, they will be even nicer fresh out of the ground. Good luck with all your vegies :-)

Joy said...

Oh,I love the seeds!!! I need to put an order in to Diggers and Eden seeds as well.... I've got a looooong list! Looking forward to seeing how they do in the garden :)



Tracy said...

I'm sure you will find room for everything in the garden. Love all those seeds, I'm waiting for my orders to arrive.