Sunday, July 20, 2008

Extreme $21 - final update & No Supermarket for 4 weeks challenge

A final update on the extreme $21 challenge - we did it! I'll review the recipes tomorrow when I menu plan for next week, but it went well. It cleaned the freezer out of lots of bits & pieces, and got me being a bit creative especially by the end of the fortnight.

And now for a new challenge.

On Friday I ordered a bulk meat pack from our butcher - I'll pick it up on Wednesday. I'm "borrowing" the money from our bill account (there's enough in there to cover it) and will pay the account back each month. I went shopping today and spent $80-odd on staples - flour (16kg!), cheese (1kg), butter (1.5kg), a couple of whole chickens, some fruit & veges etc.

So my goal is to stay out of the supermarket for the next 4 weeks. I still have about $20 that I can use to top up with fruit, veges, eggs & milk if I need them - I can get the fruit, veges & eggs at the fruit shop, and the milk at the servo so I shouldn't need to go near Bilo or Aldi during the time.

Does anyone want to join me?


Anonymous said...

Oh you are a brave woman ! I can't join you as my freezer is almost bare and I have nothing growing at the moment :-S but will keep a eye on your progress. I need to make a healthy menu plan for the next few weeks, so will do that tonight and post tommorow along with a few other topics.

Kin said...

That's pretty impressive. I've just done a 3 week meal plan to get through the meat in our freezer, but I still need to buy staples and weekly stuff. Still managed to spend my whole budget this week with no meat included.

Jayne said...

I keep telling The Spouse and my Dad we do.not.need.anything from the supermarket but they continue to wander in and buy stuffs!
Good on you and good luck!

fmll said...

I wish I could join you Kez - but I will follow your progress with interest and eventually join you on one!

piscesgrrl said...

So tell me more about this! I'm intrigued. :) Every six months or so we try not to buy anything but perishables until we eat through whatever's stocked up in the freezers and pantry. Makes for some creative (and sometimes not-so-good) meals, that's for sure. And then, somehow, I find myself over-stocked again in no time. Like now. I blame it on all the parties we've had lately - what I need to do is learn to create from what I have rather than think of things we want and then go buy new ingredients!

Thx for stopping by my blog - how did you find me? I love hearing about blog connections!!

Korina said...


I'm in need of a $21 challenge so count me in.... though does it still work if you've eaten most of the stuff in your cupboards already?????
Whats the first step? Meal plans?
Aghhh, what am I letting myself in for!!!!


Kez said...

I'll do another post to explain the way it works so check it out..