Friday, July 11, 2008

I made pastry!!!

Many moons ago I attempted to make pastry - rather dismally. It just would not do what it was supposed to - I couldn't roll it out without ripping it to shreds, it was soggy and just not good!. I pigeon-holed myself as "not able to make pastry" and haven't tried again.

Until tonight..

Now that I'm quite good at making bread and adept at making pasta, I thought I'd try again with a Destitute Gourmet recipe for Plymouth Pie (basically meat pie).

It rolled out perfectly - I was even able to roll it onto the rolling pin to drape over the pie dish without it ripping anywhere.

It cooked perfectly - not soggy and nicely crispy.

And it tasted divine - light & flaky. (The inside of the pie was yummy too!)

I think I have to say now - "I CAN make pastry!!!!"


Miserly Mum said...

Congrats Kez, another one to strike off the list :-)

Jayne said...

Yay! You'll have to share the recipe or can I Google it?
Well done :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

Well done, there is a skill to making pastry, so now you have mastered a new skill. Your meat pie looks good. I am hoping to make a strawberry and rhubard pie tomorrow as its strawberry season over here and I have just cut some more rhubarb from the garden.

Gill from Canada

molly said...

Not only can you make it, you can say you do it very well! WTG!


fmll said...

It looks PERFECT!! Well done :)

Joy said...

Oh, yum!!!!! That looks so good :) Are you going to share the recipe of the entire pie? I hope so :)