Saturday, January 05, 2008

We're back!!!

We had a good time away at Stuart's Point - great weather until the last couple of days when we were getting the tail end of the bad weather on the north coast. The main problem with that was that we were in a slide-on van which we'd taken off the back of the ute for the week - to get it back on, you have to wind the legs up manually so that it's high enough to back the (very high 4WD) ute under - NOT a great idea in high winds!! Pete & I spent 1.5 - 2 hrs in the driving rain & gale force winds last night getting it back on - we were soooo soaked & freezing - not to mention stressed! (Luckily we were able to send Billy to his aunt's van to stay dry and occupied while we put it on). Plus we developed a couple of leaks in the van - we ended up just leaving last night at 9pm and driving home rather than waiting until this morning when we were due to leave. We got home at 1:30 this morning *yawn*. So I've been spending today doing loads of wet washing and cleaning the van out.. Oh, and researching what we can buy instead of our slide-on, it's not working for how we use it! Now to rob a bank or win lotto!!

The week was relatively relaxing - I got heaps of books read - it's amazing how long a day is with no internet to surf, no chores to do etc! We spent some time with the family, and some by ourselves - a nice mix. Billy did a bit of swimming, Pete took him to play golf one morning (while I had a sleep in!!!!), we ate out far too much, watched the fireworks on New Years Eve and visited the old gaol at South West Rocks. The older Billy gets the easier it is to holiday with him - he can entertain himself more now (the lego got a great workout!), and I can trust him to cross the small road at the caravan park between our site and his aunts, so he spent time going between the two (he doesn't wander away). It gave me a bit more time to relax, and also to spend more time helping Cher & Linc with the kids - a delicate balancing act between helping them out and getting in the way lol, and between spending time with them but not ignoring Billy. Someone recently commented to Cher that 3 kids of different ages is harder than 3 of the same age - all I can say is that that person has never spent time with very active 20 month old triplets!!!! They're good kids, but it's so hard in a "non-controlled" environment - they're just so quick. I love it that they'll go to me with no dramas what so ever though and we got to have some "quality time" together.

It's going to be hard to get back into routine now!

That says it all really - summer holidays!

View from our van

NYE Fireworks at Scott's Head

Trial Bay Gaol

Locking up the dangerous criminals :)


Ali said...

welcome home :) glad you and your family had a lovely holiday away

emma.jean said...

Hi Kerrie,

Sounds like a great holiday! Good luck with the new mobile home research...