Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Australian animals excursion & 1st drama class

Patting Suzy the koala

Koalas just hanging out staying cool

Curious Emu

Yesterday we visited Blackbutt Reserve for the first time (I'd been when I was a kid but we haven't taken Billy there) - it's a nature reserve that's free to the public, with wonderful walks and lots of Australian animals. We spent about 3 hours there - had a picnic lunch next to the duck pond (on a frugal note, I'm doing really well packing a picnic lunch when we go out rather than buying it!), and then walked around looking at the animals & filling in an "animal habitat" worksheet that we'd gotten from the rangers. They have emus, kangaroos, koalas, wombats & heaps of native birds - Billy loved it and we had a really good time. In the afternoon they have a Koala encounter - for $3 you can go into a private area and get to pat a koala - Billy was very keen on doing it!

Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera so had to use my phone camera - the photos aren't great quality.
After we left there we went back into town where he had his 1st drama class! I can't tell you much about it because they asked parents to leave, but he enjoyed it! It sounds like they played lots of getting to know you, and movement games. There were 7 in the class - 7 precocious 5-8 year olds lol. They all made a beeline for the stage at the back and were strutting around like seasoned performers :)

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