Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Guess what I found?!

I finally got a round tuit :) I cannot believe how much extra time I had today - I knew I wasted a lot of time online, but wow!

I made strawberry jam (without it going all over the microwave this time lol!) & multigrain bread rolls, cleaned up the kitchen & hallway which both still had stuff all over the place from our holiday, took down & packed away the Xmas tree & decorations and even did a bit of weeding! And I still found time to sit down and read my book a few times while I had a break!

Speaking of the microwave, I think ours is on it's last legs. It was getting hot on the outside & kept stopping like it was overheating while I was making the jam - I'm feeling that it might be dangerous to keep using.. Now I have to decide if I really want to replace it. I use it mainly for defrosting (mostly bread), melting stuff like butter, & cooking veges (and the jam now). I'll see how I go without it for a few weeks and then decide. Any thoughts? Is there another cost-effective way to cook veges? I steamed them tonight using the saucepan & colander - will keep my eyes open in the op shops for a metal steamer.

We've started on the CSIRO diet / eating plan again - we did it 2 years ago and Pete lost heaps then, he's added it back on so wants to lose it again. I only have a couple of kg to lose but could bid farewell to the muffin top :) We've had 2 meals from the book so far - both have been yummy! Last night was beef kebabs with couscous and harissa, tonight was roast lemon chicken with onion and pumpkin. I'm not doing it to the letter - I am physically unable to eat the amount of meat that it requires!!

I've been looking for a drama class that will take 5 year olds since Master B just loves to act - before Xmas I finally found a brochure of one in Newcastle that's just starting a class for 5-8 year olds. I left a message with them yesterday - they got back to me today and he's booked in. It sounds really good - they apparently will do a lot of playing, movement etc to increase their self-confidence. I think he'll love it! It starts at the end of Jan when Term starts.

Billy is booked into a Junior Scientist workshop run by the libraries tomorrow afternoon - it sounds fun!


Ali said...

I need to find the TUIT myself, lol!!! I spend WAY TOO LONG online :)

Mrs. Pivec said...

Some great and thought-provoking posts here, Kez. It looks like you've come back quite refreshed and ready to tackle some things in the new year!

Re: the microwave. We've not used one for about 3 1/2 years now. Once the old one my husband had had from college died, like you, I just didn't replace it with a new one. Our pots are always needing to be washed, since we can't just throw them in the dishwasher, but that's the only thing.

Usually, I put about an inch of water into a pot, throw in frozen veggies and let the water just come to a boil for about 30 sec. Then I turn it off and let them sit while I finish the rest of dinner. It's really so quick that I have to do the veggies right at the end of my cooking dinner, otherwise they'd get overcooked and mushy. Fresh veggies get steamed. Time is not an issue. I think the only thing my children notice is the lack of microwave popcorn which they think is wonderful! :)

Robbie said...

Just where did you get your round tuit - it is so much gibber than mine!!

Our microwave is also on its last legs and we will not be replacing. Hubbie is really the only one who uses it - to reheat his lunch - veggies taste soooo much better steamed and, according to my enviro. scientist studying son, are better for you too - he will not go within cooee of a microwave and will not even stand in the kitchen if someone is using it!
Good luck !