Friday, January 25, 2008

Bush Art Walk

We went on a short Bush Art walk today organised by the NSW National Parks as part of their school holiday program. It was in the beautiful Glenrock Lagoon State Conservation Area - Ranger Gary took us on a short, very easy walk (wheelchair accessible so very nice path!) through the bush to the creek, and then talked about Aborginal bush art, what it meant, how they made it etc. Then we got to paint our own boomerang using matchsticks! He talked some more while they dried, telling us the signifigance of some of the Dreamtime stories.

After the walk, Billy & I had a picnic lunch in a nearby park, an ice-cream for dessert and a play with the boomerangs and on the playground. What more could you want for a nice day :)

We'll definitely be doing more of their activities in the next school holidays - I'm on their mailing list now hopefully so I should get to hear about them a lot sooner!

Glenrock Lagoon State Conservation Area

Ranger Gary

Painting the boomerangs

The finished product

And while I've got the memory card in the computer, here's a photo from the Claymation workshop earlier in the week. Looks like messy fun, doesn't it?!


libby said...

Looks, and sounds, like you had a great day. I'd love to do something like that walk. I would assume they have something similar in Sydney so I should look into it.
Glad Billy had a good time at the animation thing and that it went well for the both of you.


Ali said...

The photos of the conservation area are beautiful. The boomerang painting looked like fun and it sounded like both you and Billy had a lovely day. He's lucky to have you for his mother :)

The Tin House said...

Kez, I did a similar walk a few years back at Jervis Bay with an aboriginal guide showing us local bush tucker. Really interesting. And you really have to love the number of free workshops and things designed for kids during the holidays. Museums and libraries are always putting something on.

Alita said...

It looks like you guys had a great time - fun and learning. What a wonderful place to visit.