Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spending spree

On Saturday we went down to have another look at a van we looked at a couple of weeks ago - we met my parents down there to get a 2nd opinion. It's a display model from 2007 with very slight hail damage (you have to look very carefully and at the right angle to see it) & with added extras because it's the display model. It's roughly $6000 off the price of the equivalent new model. For better or for worse - we put a deposit down! It's an A'van Cruiseliner - this is a photo of an old one. (The Teepee part folds down to a flat roof for travelling.)

I'm torn in two - my heart says it was the right decision, my head isn't so pleased because of the financial impact - most of the money will come from money we had set aside for other things, but we need to get a loan for the rest of it. We have an appointment with our building society tomorrow afternoon, so fingers crossed. The loan isn't really in keeping with my desire to slow down and work less, but being able to get away with little preparation for the weekend is!

Speaking of mixed feelings - this time 6 months ago, my plans for 2008 were to be working for myself on an almost full-time basis while Billy was at school, bringing in the money, paying off our debts & saving up for a trip overseas. Tomorrow, the first day of kindy, should have been the start of "life after full-time motherhood". Instead we've decided to homeschool... As much as I really want to do it, and enjoy doing it, I'm a bit torn that I won't be having that time to myself, being a "real person" again rather than just Mummy. As if he'd read my mind, Billy came up to me today, gave me a hug and said "I really like having you around all the time Mummy".. Puts it into perspective really...


Lightening said...

Kids can often have perfect timing with those kind of comments can't they? :)

Hope you enjoy your caravan purchase. :) We're hoping to buy one soon in readiness for our big trip next year. The great thing about most caravans is that they hold their value well if you need/want to resell down the track. Plus they're great for saving money on holidays AND to use as a spare room. :) Feel better now??? :)

The Tin House said...

Kez, what a treasure. It's not wrong to have a few moments here and there where you question where different choices might have taken you. Everyone does it all the time but few have the insight to understand the checks and balances involved. It's easy to philosophise over someone elses life isn't it!!! I'm in awe of your decision to homeschool as I know it's something I wouldn't want to take on which officially makes me a "chicken".

The van looks neat. I was parked next to one of these at the park a few weeks back - they're a neat package. Now you have to make sure you use it!