Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A (Very tired) Day in my life - May 14th

This is part of Jenny Wren's "A Day in My Life" carnival where you document your day each 14th.

5:45 alarm goes off. Half-listen to the radio, half-doze. I'm very tired - didn't get home from working with a client until 11 last night. Up at 6:15, make Pete's lunch (soup in thermos, bread roll, fruit) & coffee to take to work, while he showers and gets ready, and then gets Billy up.
Pete leaves about 6:40 - wave goodbye from the front door. Can hear the magpies in the tree across the road. Very foggy today.

Turn computer on. Check email.

Make B & I toast for breakfsat, and a cup of tea for me.

Back to reading blogs etc. Shower, make beds, tidy up kitchen. Folded the 'chinese laundry' hanging around the house.

8:30 Sat down at computer to make some lists. Went outside to water the garden while Billy jumped on the trampoline. Worked on the computer some more.

11:30ish Had lunch. Sat in the sun with a book for a while as I was feeling very tired and fragile! Put steak & gravy in the slow cooker to make a shepherd's pie for tea.

Did some maths with Billy. We're just about finished the kindergarten maths book and are ready to move on the Grade 1.

Make some spreadable butter (beat butter with olive oil).

Clean out a shelf in a cupboard to rearrange the pantry a bit.

Peeled potatoes for tea - trying out cooking them in the thermos to see how it goes.

Washed the day's accumulated dishes.

4:30ish Pete came home - find out he had squash tonight instead of tomorrow night so had to get a wriggle on with cooking tea! So much for my thermos experiment!

Helped Billy make fruit salad for dessert.

Had tea - Billy of course didn't like it (*sigh*) so he had to have a taste and then I cooked him some noodles.

6:30pm Pete left for squash. Billy & I had dessert.

Put B's folded clothes away, dried the dishes I washed earlier, read stories with Billy and tucked him in. Washed the dishes from tea, they can drain until the morning.

9pm Wrote this post, not sure it makes sense - I'm so tired I'm seeing triple so I'm off to bed.


libby said...

Hi Kerrie,

Sounds like a nice day - despite being tired. Glad you managed to sit out in the sun for a while - I would love to do that but never do (too many other things to do I guess - like scrapbooking :-) ).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me about Day in my Life. I will do mine today.

Joy said...

Thanks for the peak into your day. It is good to know that others have tired days too! Sometimes we only read (or write) about the "fantastic" days we have.... but reality is otherwise.

Still, you managed to get a fair bit done, so, good on ya!

Can you post the recipe for spreadable butter and potatoes in a thermos? That's an interesting one!



The Tin House said...

Oh yes - I can feel your drooping eyelids! Kez...I have a "chinese laundry" here myself...and I was going to write it like this on my blog post the other day but then I began to wonder if the term is perjorative. Any ideas? My Mum always used the term, but I'd hate to offend a Chinese person by saying it. What is the origin of it? Lisa x

Kez said...

Lisa, I'm not really sure where the term comes from, and yes, it probably isn't politically correct these days!

Joy, I'll be doing a post on my thermos cooking adventures later on today probably.

Re the spreadable butter, this time I just blended the butter with olive oil (I didn't measure), but when I'm not so tired I use this one:

500g butter, softened
250ml olive oil
3 tbsp skim milk powder
150ml water

Mix water & milk powder, gradually add to softened butter. Blend until smooth. Gradually add the oil and beat until mixture is cream in colour and fluffy consistency. Spoon into containers and store in the fridge.

I use less olive oil as the one I have is quite strong tasting.