Thursday, May 22, 2008

Front Door/Back Door Meme

Lisa, who lives in The Tin House, tagged me for the Front Door / Back Door Meme. It's an easy one - you just have to take photos from your front door and back door.

The first photo is taken from our front verandah and looking slightly left (downhill). You can see our new van in the driveway. The big brick structure in the middle is our letterbox, our side fence is where the big trees are.

The empty paddock across the road doesn't look like it will stay that way - we have received a DA from council a couple of times for about 4 houses there :(

Looking uphill you see our other side boundary just to the right the big tree.

The front is all pretty open and empty although we do have a couple of trees that one day in the future will be big - a flame tree, jacaranda and something else that I can't remember!

The back is more where we live. Looking out the back door to the left we have the swing set which doesn't get a lot of use and Billy's cubby (which was mine when I was a kid!) which gets a reasonable amount of use. Further back from there is the pond (you can see a line of bush rock as the edge) - which the frogs absolutely love - and which is cunningly situated under our bedroom window. Not a great idea on a hot day when frogs are mating!! That area is all surrounded by a row of grevilleas for privacy.

To the right from our back door is Zone 1 of the vege garden (in Permaculture terms - the area you visit most often) and the deck. This is where the majority of my admittedly small vege garden is atm otherwise if it's not close to me, it doesn't happen! I'm contemplating making this area a raised bed, but on the other hand I like the flexibility of being able to move the pots around to get the sun etc (and yes Julie, I know they're in styrofoam - sorry!!)

Our back neighbour's house is in the background - they have the most wonderful vege gardens. We have a row of citrus trees near the back fence - they're not doing that well and we have plans to move them.

If you step out on to the back deck you can see past the row of grevilleas! Up along the side fence towards the top of the photo is where the vege garden is supposed to be - I'm using that for stuff like potatoes, melons etc that don't need constant attention. The area in front of that is where the citrus trees are going to be moved to - we're ordering a whole heap more trees and making an orchard area in a circular pattern ala Linda Woodrow.

To the right from the back deck is our solar powered drier (aka clothes line!), our side fence, and looking over the neighbour's yards, our wonderful view.

I hope you've enjoyed that little peek into our yard - hopefully soon it will be much more productive!

I have no idea who else has done this - so please, if you want to, consider yourself tagged.


Crazy Mumma said...

*Sigh*, I'm so jealous of all your space! And the view, just lovely. I wouldn't worry about the styrofoam boxes, LOL, I suspect you'd have to eat a stack of vegies out of them before anything started to affect you. I'm a bit paranoid that's all ;-) Oh, and still a little bit anal about having things look "nice" when I have such a small space *blush*. Cheers, Julie

Anonymous said...

Wow Kez, like crazy mumma, I'm jealous too :-) How many acres is your house block on ?

libby said...

WOW!! I didn't realize you had quite so much land. Lucky girl!!


Kez said...

Miserly Mum - we have 1 acre. We're in one of those snobby pretend rural areas where all of the blocks are at least 1 acre. We're the poor neighbours :)

Thanks Julie & Libby - I feel guilty that it's all so unproductive!

The Tin House said...

Kez, what a lovely outlook. You are surrounded by rather posh looking homes and rather than worry about the "lack" of productivity - look to the future for all the possibilities!

Do you recall a few weeks ago you posted about the stages of awareness....well, yesterday I was thinking of you as I hit the panic stage.....which not so strangely coincided with my trip to the petrol station which cost nearly $96....aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh. As soon as I've sent this message, I'm off to find a smaller car (ours is a magna) and we're thinking very seriously about moving into, or closer to town.

postscript: my brother owned a nintendo game in the early 80's called "oil panic"....yep, I'm oil panicking.

Lisa x

Kez said...

Lisa - I'm not sure I like the idea that you were thinking of me and panicking ;p

I'd be interested in your input on my latest post too...