Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm the World's Meanest Mother...

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Click on the image to read the poster - I'm sure all parents will have a chuckle!

I'm the world's meanest mother tonight - he's been sent to bed without - *gasp, shock, horror* - a story!!!! (I know! Ring Dept Of Community Services now!!!)

He's been answering back all day and ignoring me when I told him to do things he didn't want to - like clean up his mess. So he's gone to bed without a story - poor man is heartbroken...

After the day I've had, I'm heading to bed early with a trashy romance novel.. I think I might even go searching for chocolate :)


Kym said...

our little man went to bed without a story as well. Because of those same reasons. What is going on?

molly said...

LOL, kids, they just love to test the boundaries as they grow...all normal in the process, as good parents we can appreciate what they are doing but still show them there are boundaries they must adhere to...I have a 15 year old that every now and then likes to check if I'm still on my toes at times LOL!


The Tin House said...

Watch out Kez. Lauren Child's slightly fractious fairy godmother might jump out of one of those unread books and turn you into a caterpiller. lol xx

Melissa said...

Hi, I've just recently found your blog, and have been reading back, it's wonderful.

Would you mind if I linked to it in mine?

Bel said...

I hope you found the chocolate.

I decided to tag you in a blog game - want to play?

Our Red House said...

I am frequently the worst mother in the world. Oh well, I suppose it goes with the territory. And yay for trashy romance novels. They can be real sanity-savers.


Mrs. Pivec said...

Sounded like a good consequence to me. :)

Hope you found some chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Ah, those chocolate moments... you have my sympathy.

Our children sometimes need a reality check - just to let them know we're human too. I always used the phrase, 'how would you feel if someone did that to you' and then come up with an example where someone had done it to them, just to push my point. They'd remember the unhappy incident, prompted by my excellent memory of course, and then I'd tell them that I'm not different, that's how I feel because they did it to me.

Mums are only human.

It worked for me - my younguns, now adults, are lovely people and my best friends.

The downside to this approach was that I had to continually improve my own behaviour - live up to my own standards! That wasn't that easy!!


Anonymous said...

OH! This is SO funny!
I this was my night last night.
Poor boys, how will they cope with such MEAN mummies!
I should have thought of the chocolate.

Becca said...

Hi Kez,

It's nice to know I'm not the only mean mum.
I love your blog.

libby said...

Hi Kerrie,

You haven't updated your blog in a while - hope all is well and that recovered from being the worlds meanest mum :-).


Kez said...

Thanks everyone - I have no idea what is up with these kids! Yes, I did find chocolate - even better, I raided Billy's treat jar to find some :)

Welcome to the new people you dropped in :)

Melissa - sure thing, I'd love to be linked from your blog. I'm off to check it out.

Thanks Bel - I'm pretty slack with tags but will get to it eventually lol!

Thanks Libby - all ok here, thanks for checking. I couldn't believe it's been a week since I posted!