Sunday, October 10, 2010

What we've been up to lately..

I didn't realise it had been 10 days since I posted!

Nature studies - watching the blue tongue lizard at our back steps, and the frogs in our frog pond

Food art - its a Freddo frog driving a car and being stopped by a 'lollipop lady'!

Billy went to a school holiday magic show workshop where he learnt some magic tricks.  He then proceeded to put on a magic show for me.

There's also been lots of catching up with friends that we don't usually get to see through term time, some movie making, lots and lots of lego play, and time spent with family.  It's been a busy but good break.

We start Term 4 back tomorrow with a trip to the zoo!


Kylie said...

love the food art, my kids are totally into that at the moment!!!

Korina said...

Fantasic food art... sounds like a good holiday for everyone.
Hope the zoo is fantastic.