Saturday, October 30, 2010

Aboriginal Art Printmaking Workshop

Yesterday Billy went to an Aboriginal Art Printmaking Workshop with wonderfully talented artist and local homeschool mum, Bernie Meyers.

She showed the kids a CD of Aboriginal Art firstly, to get them inspired.  Then they moved to the tables and drew their own designs on paper.

Once they were satisfied with their designs, they traced or redrew them onto a foam block - like a piece of thin styrofoam.  Using pointy instruments, they had to make sure the grooves were deep enough so they wouldn't get inked.

They inked up their plates and then used Bernie's printing press to make copies of them.  They all looked fantastic, but some of the kid's work just blew me away, like these ones:

This is the 1st in a series of workshops Bernie is running on the theme of art around the world.  Next month is Spanish folk art.  The kids will get the chance to display selected pieces at an exhibition next year!


Mel said...

I'm so glad you took pics - you didn't happen to get any of my guys by any chance?

I was SO impressed with some of those pieces - it's so true that we can tend to underestimate their abilities, but when they are pushed and mum steps back - it is amazing what they can achieve!

Billy looks very proud! And so he should be!!

Korina said...

That looks like so much fun - you are so lucky to have such resources. :-)

Kylie said...

Oh these are awesome! We are doing a bit of an Aboriginal unit at the moment and they would work so well...what a pity we are just a few too many hours away :-)

karisma said...

WOW! They do look awesome! We did something similar a couple of years back but it was nowhere near this! Where do the classes take place? I think one of mine would love to join in, the other might be a little reluctant though! Of course I would love to join in! hehe! dd1 drives up to newcastle 3 days a week now so I might be able to beg a ride.

Can you send me the links to your local boards, I seem to have deleted most of mine and am now only on the coast ones. I looked at the Newcastle site but there were quite a few and I was not sure which ones to join.

Hugs xoxoxox

Kez said...

K - will send you a message on fb.