Monday, October 25, 2010

What Billy's been up to lately..

Billy is neck deep in 'Wind in the Willows' rehearsals at the moment so everything is fitting in around that.  He has three rehearsals this week - its madness :)  He's absolutely loving it though.

So lots of creative arts going on, with rehearsals, drama classes, photography and Halloween crafts...

Also lots of creative English happening - he's been writing stories, making up plays and publishing newsletters.

There's been a touch of foreign languages going on as well.  We picked up a kid's French book cheaply at a book shop a couple of weeks ago - Billy read it all the way home, asking me questions and telling me the answer in French!  He's listened to the accompanying audio CD.  He also found that he could go to the French language version of Club Penguin which amused him for a while :)

Let's not forget Science - we made slime today.  We watched some Stephen Hawking videos while investigating how his computer generated voice worked.  He's been making changes to his website again, and I noticed him playing with Pivot - the stick figure animation software - again.

Sport is also back in full swing - martial arts (when it fits in around rehearsals!), archery and he's started swimming lessons (just for this term - in preparation for Xmas holiday swimming).

And in any spare pockets of time, he's been going to cubs, playing with friends and cousins, reading, playing with legos, cooking and just generally enjoying himself.


Our Pace said...

Sounds like fun!

Butterfly said...

All sounds lively and meaningful.

Ooh la la! I'd love a copy of that French book, please could you email me which shop it was from so Mum can pick one up?

Looking forward to Billy's play.

:) Vanessa

Tracy's corner said...

How fun!

Korina said...

Sounds like a fantastic frantic time is being had.

Rynalee said...

Busy and fun, by the sounds of it!! Do you mind telling me which site Billy uses for his website? Declan's played around with a couple of options and is pretty keen to do something more. Ta. :)