Monday, May 10, 2010

Our week of learning - 9th May - the casual version

I didn't keep any notes last week on what Billy did so this is the casual version from what I can remember:

  1. Magazines - Both his National Geographic Kids and Scientriffic magazines arrived over the last couple of weeks, so he spent some time reading those.
  2. Websites - He's spent a lot of time on Club Penguin and Webkinz.  Club Penguin has been good for maths - he has to earn points to get to different levels in parts of it, so he'll come wandering out to me saying things like "I need 1000 points and I have 499, so I need another 501 before I get to the next level".  We've never actually sat down and done formal multi-digit subtraction - obviously I don't need to bother with that one :)
  3. Sport - archery, martial arts, Auskick & rock-climbing
  4. Mother's Day -  Mother's day present shopping, present making at cubs, card making
  5. Family history - I've started researching Pete's side of the family again, and he's been involved in discussions about the family tree and looking over my shoulder while I research.  It's a great way to make Australian history more personal - he can now say that he has a great-great-uncle that was killed in action in France during WWI.  That makes it far more 'real' for a kid - and actually, for me too.
  6. Jobs - He's been busy doing jobs to earn money for Scout Job Week - he washed his Pop's car (with help), did some watering & sweeping for my dad, and helped cook tea for my mum.  
So he's had a busy week even if I wasn't recording it!


3anklebiters said...

i like the casual version. thanks for the mention of Scientriffic, i may have to subscribe to it and The Helix for my kids (they are kind of science geeks, comes from having a science teaching dad).

jugglingpaynes said...

Sounds like a fun week! I've never heard of Scientriffic, I need to go look it up now. :o)

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Peace and Laughter,

Risa said...

I love the idea of doing history thru family trees. Only wish we knew more about our background (we're from that part of Europe where records of all kinds got destroyed).

Off to look up that science magazine. Can you tell me if it is ad-free?

Kez said...

Here's a link to the Scientriffic magazine - it's Australian so I'm not sure what postage prices are like for o/s readers. It's aimed at about 7-10yo (although we were getting there from when B was about 6), there is another one called Double Helix that's older.

Risa, yes its ad free.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I've got to check out Scientriffic magazine - that sounds so cool.

Isn't it great when they just naturally absorb something like a math concept, and surprise you with it!

Korina said...

Love the look of National Geographic Kids magazine and signed Olivia up for it. Then I discovered National Geographic Little Kids and had to sign Zachary up for that! Thanks, they look like fun.