Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello??? Is anybody still around???!

I am still here, promise..

Its been a combination of being busy with work, and I've also been in my own head space a fair bit and haven't been in the mood for blogging, commenting on other people's blogs, facebook or much else.  I guess being busy with my own life has meant I haven't needed to know every detail of everyone elses!  In fact I went on a bit of a cull of blogs that no longer resonated with me, and also of Facebook friends - I had some 'friends' that I'd added because they were on other groups I'd joined, but I personally had no idea who they were.  At least I can look at my friends list now and know that I've had some dealing with each person on there, either in real life or via blogs / forums. 

So what's been happening?  I've been back to the gym this week after missing last week - both my BodyBalance and Punch Fitness class.  It was good to be back, but boy it made me regret I'd missed a week!  I extended my gym membership by 12 months when they had a b'day special on last week. 

I've almost decided to get another microwave - ours died a bit over 2 years ago and I haven't bothered to replace it.  Now that our life is getting busier, I'm seriously contemplating one again.  Currently I'm out at the gym 2 nights / week, Pete has squash 2 nights / week, and Billy has cubs 1 night.  Sometimes they overlap, but on crazy weeks it means someone is out every week-night.  It will get worse in a couple of months as well as Billy moves up to the next martial arts lesson which is an hour later than his current lesson. A microwave would make it easier and more cost effective to reheat dinner or zap something from the freezer.  I'm thinking it would mean leftovers would be used up more too - sometimes its just too hard to contemplate heating them up on the stove or oven :)  And I have to admit I'm also hoping that a young boy might enjoy cooking things in it - he likes cooking but can be a bit hesitant with pans & ovens.  I've pretty much decided which one to get, I hope to go and check it out tomorrow.

I've had a fair bit of paid work on (I just wish the "paid" part of that was actually happening a bit quicker lol), and taught last week at one of the community colleges.  I only had 4 students so it was a fairly easy day compared to others. 

Other than that, I've just been reading, catching up with friends, thinking and just living life.  I figured it was time I posted something other than just another 'school' update :)


Lightening said...

I'm still here. :-) The beauty of feed readers. I totally understand the whole "life getting in the way" thing. :-)

Danielle said...

Here too. I know how you feel. Blog interest waxes and wanes, which is a good thing since living life is more important than writing or reading about it, right? But glad you're back. You sure have been busy!

I say go for the microwave! I've been making a sweet potato in the micro every day. So much faster than the oven and they're so yummy and healthy and filling.

Did you have a nice birthday?

Our Pace said...

I'm here. I've had the same problem with being busy. With the homeschool blog I've been posting in bunches because a few days would go by when I would get too busy. On my personal blog I haven't posted in about a month. Things are crazy around here. I like to be busy though. It makes life interesting.

libby said...

HI Kerrie,

Sounds like you've been very busy. I love my microwave - I actually have 2 :-). Glad to you're well - just busy.


jugglingpaynes said...

Still here. You're on my Reader, so I admit that I sometimes read from there and don't always post, but still here. :o)

It's nice to unplug and take a break every now and then. If you feel obligated to do anything it takes the fun out of it. But thanks for coming back and for commenting!

Peace and Laughter,

karisma said...

Im here too! Only just! LOL! I have been a bit like you, can't seem to sum up the urge to blog more than once a week. A lot of my original blog friends all ran off to facebook and stopped blogging all together. I have to say I much prefer reading blogs than visiting facebook. Glad you are still alive and keeping busy. Hugs xoxox

Butterfly said...

Yep, I'm sailing on the same sea as you, by the sound of it! Busy taking care of my little boat and crew. I haven't written on my blog or commented much for a month or two. Mostly just busy living, thinking, and knowing I'm a little spec in a huge sea of people!

:) Vanessa

Alicia @ One Mum's Musings said...

I'm still here too.

I know exactly what you mean about life getting in the way. Blogging is always the first thing that takes a back seat for me when things in real life are gettting hectic.

I would go for the microwave if i was you. It sounds like life is getting busier and anything that saves time is a good thing.

Risa said...

Yup, still here. We lived without a microwave for over a year when ours died, and replaced it last fall. I am glad we did, for exactly the reasons you give--leftovers get used, and when our schedule is crazy busy, I often batch cook on the weekend and reheat single-serving dinners when each person has time to eat.

Korina said...

Still here - life gets in the way of blogging far to much for me so I know where you are coming from.