Thursday, May 06, 2010

Auskick, Auskick and more Auskick - and some injuries..

Given that its now Thursday, I've given up the idea of posting a wrap up of last week's learning :)  So I'll just touch on the highlights.

It was basically a week of Auskick.  We'd initially put Billy's name down to go to the Auskick season launch (skills training and game) on the Friday night in Newcastle (1 hr's drive away), and then found out he'd been accepted to go down to Sydney on the Saturday night to play as well.  That's 2 hrs drive away.  And also meant an extra training on Wednesday night.

So it turned out, he played Auskick 3 times last week! 

Unfortunately (coughing a bit here!), I had to stay home on the Wednesday night and get dinner ready, so I missed standing in the cold watching him train (awwww lol).

We drove down (in the rain) on Friday night for the launch - luckily the rain held off while they played, and then started again once we were leaving.  They spent some time practising ball skills under the guidance of the Auskick coaches from Sydney, and then played a quick game.  Followed by a sausage sandwich and poppa (drink) :)

On Saturday we drove down to Sydney, picking up one of Billy's team-mates and his mum along the way.  Pete had been asked to be the team co-ordinator for the night, so he had to find all the kids from our team amongst all of the other Auskick kids waiting around (amongst the almost 31,000 people that were there to watch!).  They got to run onto the SCG at half time in the Sydney Swans vs Brisbane Lions match, and play their game.  Pete got to run on too and be one of the goal umpires, but I've been threatened that any photos with him in it are not for publication :)

Billy's #9 in the red & white jersey below.

They played at the far end of the field from our seats, so I didn't see a lot of the game, but I did get some photos of the action.

It was about 10pm by the time the game finished and we left Sydney.  We dropped the other family off about midnight and then got to my Mum & Dad's house about 12:30.  Billy was so proud that he'd stayed awake the entire time!  *sigh*  You can imagine how much fun he was the next day lol.  We stayed in Mum & Dad's van so we didn't have to wake them up and then spent the day with them on the Sunday while Pete went to a home brew day.

In other highlights of the week (according to the camera's memory card, anyway) - this was what I was greeted with when I picked him up from cubs on Thursday night.

 Luckily, I knew they'd been doing 1st aid training for the night and were going to make fake wounds - otherwise it would've fooled me like it did some of the mums I could hear freaking out :)


Stuff On My Blog said...

LOL @ the fake wound! What an awful thing to do to the mums hehehe. Looks like a huge week!

Five Bears A-Blogging said...

Ummmm ... Yank here ... what's "Auskick"? 'Cause it sounds kinda like a whoopin' to me :) - Mo

3anklebiters said...

gotta love those scouts! i love the fact that my kids are getting old enough to fully participate and be helpful on outings, but not liking the fact that it gets to overly tired, worn out, and beyond grouchy while they take a day or two to recover.

Kez said...

lol Mo - Auskick is the Jr (under 10s) version of our uniquely Australian sport AFL (also known as Aussie Rules). It's impossible to describe, but just know its a ball game - or I'm sure it'll be on Youtube somewhere if you want to see!

3anklebiters - I tend to take a day or two to recover myself :)

Suji said...

Yeaaayyy for Billy! That fake wound almost made me think it was a real one. LOL. Sounds like a great week and kudos to you for keeping up with it! (guess what's the word verification for this comment? raing! remind you of raining?)

junespider said...

The fake blood had me going there for a minute!
Yeah for Billy!!!
Thanks for the explanation on Auskick, I was wondering as well.....

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

How horribly mean to the poor mothers - but I'm sure the kids had a lot of fun with it :)

mum+dad=akira and linkin and elijah said...

Love the wound!!
Good on B for all that Auskick action.