Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our week of learning - 23 May - busy times again!

I was expecting this week would be more active than last, but I underestimated just how much he wanted to soak up!  Vanessa, I think you were right in saying he was entering a new phase of learning.


Current Readaloud:
Robin Hood (abridged), and "Three Cheers Secret Seven" by Enid Blyton.

Audio books: Various Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton stories

Independent Reading: - "The Bugalugs Bum Thief" by Tim Winton, "Grand Final Fever" by Michael Wagner

Other: - I put some word ladder puzzles up on the board which he enjoyed.

He spent some time on Spellodrome and earnt a weekly certificate.

He attended a 1hr writing workshop put on by the local library as part of their Writing Challenge competition.  He learnt about the structure of an exposition and how to mind map some ideas for it.

Maths: I taught him about square numbers using unit square manipulatives that I made by printing out a grid, laminating it and cutting them up :)

He earnt a weekly certificate on Mathletics. He hasn't used the site for months, so I'm not sure what started him on it again. 

Science & Technology: He had a C# programming lesson with Pete where he created a program that opened up web pages.

We did a couple of experiments about erosion - using 2 trays of dirt, one plain and one with moss covering parts of it.  For wind erosion, we pulled out the hair dryer to see the difference in the "planted" and "unplanted" soil.  For water erosion, we tilted the trays and used a water bottle to simulate a heavy shower :) 

HSIE (Human Society and it's environment): We did our monthly waterwatch testing of the Hunter River this week.

Creative & Practical Arts:

PDHPE (Personal Development, Health & Physical Education): Martial arts, Auskick training and he has been practising his circus skills again.

Life skills (cooking, gardening, housekeeping): 

Other fun stuff: Playing with friends.


Louise said...

Hi There Kez,

I love your erosion experiments

Renelle said...

You do such a great job of catering to Billy's interests, experiment was a good idea, take care

Stuff On My Blog said...

nice erosion activity! I'll file that away to use when we get to that part of our science year! :D

mum+dad=akira and linkin and elijah said...

Looks like a great week. All we achieved was to make alot of snot :( lol

sheila said...

Which Robin Hood are you using? I'm about to start that here. I have two versions though, so I'm dithering over which one to use.

Kez said...

Sheila, the Robin Hood version we're using is an adapted one I got from Aldi. They were a set of kid's classics like Robin Hood, Peter Pan etc. They're not too badly written - I figure once he's got the basics of the story down, we could always read a more complex version next time round.