Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sometimes you have to be sneaky..

For a week or so I've been asking Billy to start cleaning the shelves in his bedroom cupboard - I just wanted him to do 1 shelf at a time as I knew he'd get overwhelmed otherwise. Somehow it just hasn't made it onto his priority list :)

So rather than get angry, today I got sneaky. I just went in there myself and started cleaning - sure enough, a few minutes later "What are you doing? Can I do it too?" :)

Between us it probably only took about an hour and the shelves are now very tidy with strict instructions to keep it that way - yeah right! I only managed to throw out 3 shopping bags of rubbish - I could've got more if he wasn't helping - he's a hoarder but getting better. I also put aside a box of puzzles & toys to pass down to his cousins that he's grown out of.

So now there's room to start transferring stuff from some of the other cupboards where plastic toys are breeding...

I wasn't game to take a 'before' photo lol.


libby said...

Great job on the shelves. I find things get done more easily if I help Christy - she's not big on doing things (besides playing) by herself.


jugglingpaynes said...

The shelves look great! And you are right. Toys breed worse than rabbits. Especially cheap little plastic toys. I've done everything short of paying my younger two to get rid of some of the overflow, but it's like fighting a wave.

Glad you liked my article. Thanks for commenting!

Peace and Laughter!