Monday, January 26, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - 26th January

Notes on last week's menu:
I tried a new pizza dough recipe which made great thin crust pizzas but the general consensus was the family preferred thicker... *sigh*

To use up this week:
* roast turkey
* I have a freezer full of unidentified meals - I'm trying to slowly use them up to make some space

Menu Plan this week:

Well, after a couple of unexpected social events this week where we supplied part of the meal, the money I had put aside for fresh stuff this week has been "eaten up"! I have about $2 in my wallet, and while I could raid other envelopes for money, I'm going to try my best to do without.

We have no:
* eggs - I have "no-egg" if I need to do some baking, or will find recipes that don't use eggs. I made banana muffins today so that will do us for a while. We'll just have to forgo eggs for breakfast!
* bread - I can make bread (made some today for today & tomorrow) plus we still have heaps of wraps. The yeast is running short, so can fall back on scones or pikelets if necessary.
* fresh fruit - this is the biggest one. I have heaps of tins of fruit, it just depends how many complaints I get about the lack of fruit pieces :)
* milk - I have powdered milk for cooking & my tea. DH uses milk on his cereal and won't use powdered milk, so I'll make some bircher muesli using yoghurt instead - or he can just put up with it! I'll bet this week Billy decides he wants milkshakes to drink :)

So a few challenges there, but we should be able to manage without too much hardship!

Monday - roast turkey (carried over from last night as we went to friend's place for dinner)
Tuesday - freezer meal & pasta / dumplings / rice - depends what it is when it's thawed out!
Wednesday - t-bone & chips
Thursday - BBQ thai spiced chicken, rice & veges
Friday - turkey & salad wraps
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - rolled roast beef & veges

For more exciting menu plan ideas, see Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.

Eating from the garden:
* Garden?? What garden??!

Planting this week:
* Not sure yet, need to sit down & plan.

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