Friday, January 23, 2009

Guess who I met yesterday???!

Yep, that's right - Libby!

And what did we do together? Went hunting for poo !!

We went on a National Parks & Wildlife Discovery tour - "Whose Poo's that?" (with the kids lol) - at the gorgeous Tomaree National Park. The tour consisted on looking for animal tracks & poo, and trying to identify what types of animals had been there. As you can see we saw LOTS of rabbit poo!, but also tracks of birds, lizards & possibly wallabies. It was really interesting - I learnt some stuff myself!

During the tour, the day changed from the occasional spits of rain, to a light drizzle, so that put a stop to our plans to go to the beach. So we headed for shelter and went to Fighterworld, an aviation museum at the nearby Williamtown RAAF base.

The kids got to sit in the cockpit of a couple of fighter jets (don't ask me what they were!), look at lots of jets coming in to land and take off, and try out the ejector seats.

We were very tempted to leave them strapped in while we went and had a coffee, but refrained!

It was a great day - it was so nice to meet Libby, Amy & Christy - Libby & I have "known" each other for years online but this was our first meeting in real life. I'm pretty sure it won't be the last!! The kids got on well, and I felt so comfortable with Libby like we'd been doing stuff together for years.


libby said...

It was such a great day and I loved meeting you and Billy. We will DEFINITELY do it again - shame will live so far away.


Alicia said...

It looks like such a fun day! We're buried in snow here and I would loooove to be on that beach! :) Isn't it fun to meet online friends when you click? Hope the migraine is better too.