Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting stuck into the house

It's been filthy hot this week, I've had a migraine most of the week, and we've been had a few days where we've had to leave early and got home late-ish. So the house is a mess!

It's cooler today, so time to get stuck into things. I have probably 3 loads of washing to do, clean the kitchen & hallway from all the things that have been dumped there. Plus I have a bit of paid work to try and get to.

Let's do it!

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Julie said...

Hasn't it been a horrible week? Too flipping hot to think, let alone actually do anything but the bare minimum of cleaning etc. At least the washing has been drying in 2 hours!

I've also taken advantage of the cooler day and have been mopping etc. Hope your migraine has gone for good, you poor thing.