Saturday, January 17, 2009


Several bloggers I read have chosen a word to represent this year, and for me, it has to be balance that I'm trying to achieve. Balance between the needs of me, family, work, homeschooling & home (with everything it incorporates).

I think I say this every year, but maybe if I make it my theme it will help me focus on it.

I started pulling back from some things last year that were taking a lot - not necessarily in time but emotional energy. I resigned today from another organisation that while I still think is a great thing, just wasn't a fit for me at this particular point in time with that particular group.

I'm trying to get more organised but I'm recognising that I like to go overboard with "systems", so have pared back to a basic notebook and calendar. As I commented to a friend - I know what I need to do, I need to stop looking for the perfect system and JUST DO IT!

This week has been good. We started back with school work and spent (on average) an hour each day on it (more in a later post). I've been able to get some paid work done through the day - sometimes locking myself away for an hour to concentrate, other days just working when I could. I've spent several nights knitting and other nights reading! Most mornings I did a few minutes of stretching after my shower - I've made a note to look for a Yoga DVD in the library so I can get back into that. The house is reasonable - still lots to do but slowly. The garden hasn't had a lot of attention lavished on it due to a few HOT days this week (41C one day!), but I have been out watering and got a bit of weeding done. I haven't wasted any food this week, and cut up some leftover veges to freeze tonight. I've worked out where we're up to with our finances and haven't spent anything over budget.

It's been a good week!!


Louise said...

That sounds like a great theme for your year- it could be applied to mine as well and Kez your week sounds very organised and ordered- another trait I could do with!

Good luck with your Balance year

libby said...

Hi Kerrie,

Balance is such a great for you!!! Definitely what you are striving to achieve.
Did you get SImply budgets yet> Dh ordered me a new copy (to install on my mac) so I'm without it at the moment - and I feel so lost...