Sunday, September 28, 2008

The potatoes are in!

Finally!! I spent some time Saturday morning pulling the major weeds out and getting the watering system working again. It was quite a hot day so I waited until the afternoon when it was a bit cooler to swing the mattock and put the taters in. I'll do some major mulching once the plants appear.

And Pete has made a start on the 'fruit grove' - we're moving some of our existing citrus around and adding some more citrus & blueberries into more of a 'grove' type area (a la Jackie French)


katef said...

oh our potatoes have just begun to sprout after months of nothingness... heres to us both having loads of home grown potatoes!

Bel said...

Looks great! How old are your citrus. I have a couple I'd like to transplant, but not sure how to go about it... Mine are less than a year in the ground.

Kez said...

Bel - I have some that are a few years old (maybe 5 or 6?) as well as the new ones I bought this year. Ideally I think they're supposed to be moved in winter. Although at the rate we're going, it may be winter again before we get to it!