Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our week at school

Prior to registration I made a plan of what we're going to do in school for the rest of this year and next. Since then, I've been strangely dedicated about carrying it out! I've been much more inclined to have set lessons each day - only for about 30-60 mins / day. And so far, it's working well.

So while I'm being so "formal" with our lessons, I thought I'd use the blog to record what we're doing each week ... however long it lasts!

English: Still reading Charlie & the Chocolate Factory together, interspersed with other smaller books from the library. Pete & Billy are still reading The Hobbit together once a week. We haven't done any formal writing but Billy is forever writing notes & stories.

Maths: Leap into Maths Yr 1 workbook - Unit 7, watched Count Us In

Science & Technology: Weather unit - experiments on making fog & clouds - they kind of worked - but seemed to make condensation more than anything! Also filling out a daily weather chart (just the basics - ie sunny, rainy, cloudy). Watched 'Scope' about animation. Has been posting on his blog & creating pictures for it using Paint.

HSIE (Human Society and it's environment):
Read a Japanese folk story and drew a picture about it. Read about the "Birth of the Earth" (big bang, volcanoes, what the inside of the earth is made of) and the "Changing World" (continental drift).

Creative & Practical Arts:
No drama this week, but he made a movie using the digital camera and his lego pieces!

PDHPE (Personal Development, Health & Physical Education):
Swimming lessons.

Informally, he has been building (with his grandfather's help), set up a drinks stall to sell water & milk to the neighbours (unfortunately we live in a no-through road and no-one walks past so it didn't really work!!), playing with lots of lego, a trip to the library, lots of inventing.. I'm sure there was more but nothing springs to mind..

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful schedule you have set up for Billy! The homeschooling really seems to be working out for you.